Unveiling the Mover’s Daily Challenges and How You Can Contribute to Our Assistance(Local Moves)

Unveiling the Mover’s Daily Challenges and How You Can Contribute to Our Assistance(Local Moves)

Addressing the Challenges of Moving and Relocations—A Glimpse into Our Daily Struggles with Local Moves”

Working in the moving and relocations industry provides us with the unique opportunity to encounter individuals from diverse backgrounds who are going through various life transitions. Each move brings its own set of valuable lessons and emotions to experience. Most days, we have immensely fulfilling interactions that leave us delighted and satisfied to have alleviated our clients’ stress. However, like any profession, not every day is smooth sailing, particularly due to the prevailing misconception that movers are untrustworthy. As Access Movers, we are committed to dispelling this misconception through rigorous staff training and thorough vetting. Regardless, we believe it is important to share with you some of the challenges we occasionally face.

Local Moves: Referring to house moves within the borders of Kenya.

Clearing with management and caretakers in advance:

This specifically applies to individuals residing in apartments and gated communities. As a move is confirmed, clients are advised to resolve any pending issues with landlords at both the origin and destination properties. Failing to do so can lead to delays on the moving day. While many clients adhere to this recommendation, some overlook it, resulting in movers being caught in unnecessary back-and-forth exchanges and uncomfortable situations they shouldn’t be involved in. In certain instances, the moving truck is even denied permission to leave the premises, causing delays that necessitate revising the initial cost estimate. Therefore, we kindly request that you attend to the necessary clearances well before your moving date.

Weekend Moves:

It’s understandable that many people prefer to move on weekends, and often they wake up early on such days to receive the moving crew on time. However, we face two specific challenges on Sundays. Firstly, some individuals choose to catch up on extra sleep on Sundays, sometimes until 9 or 10 AM, causing significant delays that affect the overall completion time. It’s important to remember that movers are human too! After arriving at 8:00 AM as scheduled, their motivation diminishes. While professionalism prevents them from expressing their demoralization, trust us when we say they feel it. Secondly, Sundays are typically when most people are home, posing a challenge in finding adequate parking space for our trucks, especially in apartment complexes.

Presence of Third Parties:

Nothing is more unsettling for a moving crew than encountering unexpected third parties at a client’s premises. This includes individuals like other contractors (for instance, a painter once used a table we had unpacked and set up as a ladder), visiting friends (some of whom may attempt to assume control over the movers), and so on. Such situations compromise accountability, and in the event that something goes wrong, our ability to resolve the issue becomes constrained.

The Condition of the Destination House:

When booking your move, we always inquire if the destination home is ready. By ‘ready,’ we mean whether the house has been painted, has functioning electricity and running water, and has been cleaned, among other considerations. Unfortunately, there have been instances where these aspects were not adequately addressed before the move, leading to issues such as non-functional electrical outlets, requiring us to find quick solutions that slow down the moving process. Trained movers are unable to place clean clothes on dirty shelves or set up wine glasses in dusty cabinets, as we prioritize cleanliness and proper conditions.